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Morning Bite: The Best Breakfast Spot’s in Miami

10 months ago by matthew

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you’re travelling and need all the energy you can get to explore a new city, check-off that must-see bucket list, and milk every second of your vacation time adventuring around new and never before seen places.

Breakfast is also one of the best ways to experience the awesome cuisine that new cities and places can offer and Miami is certainly no exception when it comes to killer breakfast spots. From donuts to omelettes, there is certainly an incredible selection of breakfast joints to choose from and we’ve put together a few of our favorites here to help you plan your next visit to the sunshine state.

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1. Greenstreet Cafe

3468 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133

Greenstreet Cafe is located in Coconut Grove and has been serving delicious breakfast and brunch options to its patrons for over 27 years! If you’re looking for a place that is not only a local hot-spot for Miami residents but also a must-see for visitors and tourists staying in the area, than Greenstreet Cafe is the place to for you.

Delicious lattes and a perfect outdoor patio to enjoy the Florida sunshine, Greenstreet Cafe is one of our favorite Miami spots to grab a tasty breakfast. And, they have free wi-fi, so if you’re working remotely, want to catch up on social media or just surf the internet while you start your day, Greenstreet Cafe has you covered.

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2. The Salty Donut

50 NW 23rd St #112, Miami, FL 33127

The Salty Donut is a family-run donut hotspot located in the heart of Miami. Featured in publications and broadcasts like Forbes, Thrillist, the Food Network, the Today Show and Business Insider, the Salty Donut certainly isn’t a spot that you’ll want to miss on your next visit to Miami.

Miami’s first artisan donut shop, The Salty Donut bakes all of their product 100% from scratch and promises only the highest quality ingredients in everything they make. Our favorite flavor? Its a tie between the Brown Butter + Salt and the Maple + Bacon donut.

IG // @thesaltydonut


2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 21, Miami, FL 33127

You’re probably thinking Miam? Don’t you mean Miami? You might thinks it a typo, but actually its French! Its the equivalent of saying yum, and that’s definitely what you’ll be doing after your first visit to this incredible Miami breakfast spot. Their motto is: simple, fresh and natural and it truly shows through in everything they offer on their menu.

Whether its an organic omelette with oyster mushrooms and Vermont cheddar or, homemade granola with “Serious Cow” greek yogurt, you’ll find something at MIAM that is not only delicious but also packed full of all the healthy and filling things you need to power through a day of exploring the city.

IG // @miamcafe

4. Chocolate Fashion

248 Andalusia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Chocolate Fashion is a bakery, restaurant and gourmet food company located right in Coral Gables close to Miami. Whether you’re looking for a selection of pastries or range of delicious breakfast entrees, indulging in a meal at Chocolate Fashion is something we promise you won’t regret.

Our favorite? Definitely the prosciutto omelette, although we’d be lying if said we didn’t take a pastry or two to-go when we’re on our way out the door.

IG // @chocolatefashion

5. The Daily Creative Food Co. 

959 West Ave #10, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Daily Creative Food Co. is a newspaper themed eatery in Miami Beach and is infamous for its large menu of delicious sandwiches, soups and breakfast options. You can even find sandwiches named after well-known newspapers like Newsday and the Philadelphia Tribune on the menu.

A great place for people-watching and grabbing a quick bite to eat, The Daily Creative Food Co. has made quite the name for itself in Miami and is definitely a place you’ll want to check out on your next visit!

IG // @thedailyco

6. Sergio’s Coral Way

3252 SW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33145

Sergio’s has been a Miami hotspot since it opened its doors in 1975. Awarded ‘Best of Florida’ by Travel & Leisure, Sergio’s is our favorite spot to grab some authentic Cuban cuisine when we’re visiting the area!

Whether you’re sampling one of Sergio’s Famous Tortillas, or indulging in a delicious brunch of Huevos Rancheros, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the international flavors and flair offered at Sergio’s.

IG // @sergiosrestaurant

7. Toasted Bagelry and Deli

83 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Toasted Bagelry and Deli is hands-down one of the best spots in Miami to grab a bagel, and one of our favorite spots to grab breakfast on-the-go. Owned by the Mohammed brothers, their bagels are everything you love about New York bagels with a Miami twist that makes them all the more special.

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your hotel room? No worries, Toasted Bagelry and Deli offers take-out and delivery options as well, so whether you’re on-the-go or still getting ready, they’ve got you covered.

IG // @toastedbagelry

8. Coral Bagels

2750 SW 26th Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Another one of our favorite bagel spots in the Miami area, Coral Bagels is a family-owned establishment with a few different locations everywhere from Coral Gables to Coconut Grove.

Coral Gables is definitely a local favorite and one visit will make it clear why. Its homey atmosphere with a community feel will have you coming back for another visit before you leave, we guarantee it. Family-friendly and delicious, Coral Gables is a great breakfast option whether you’re looking to dine-in or grab and go while exploring the city or heading to the beach!

IG // @coralbagels

9. Lilikoi Organic Living

500 South Pointe Dr #180, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Not only is Lilikoi Organic Living one of the cutest breakfast spots in Miami but it is also home to some of the healthiest and most wholesome meals around. Committed to preparing meals with the freshest ingredients that are locally and organically sourced, Lilikoi Organic Living doesn’t just taste good, but they’ll leave you feeling good about what you’ve eaten too.

With minimal use of processed ingredients and the removal of unnecessary sugars and genetically modified organisms from their menu items, these healthy meals are guaranteed to be a favorite during your next visit to Miami.

IG // @lilikoiorganicliving

Breakfast is certainly one of our favorite meals of the day, and Miami doesn’t disappoint when it comes to incredible, tasty and accommodating breakfast joints. Whether you’re looking for a grab-and-go option, a healthy and nourishing meal or a sweet treat, there is definitely a spot nearby to suit your taste and so many great choices you’ll be wanting to try somewhere new everyday.

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