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21 LA-Based Instagrams You Need to Be Following

12 months ago by matthew

When it comes to visual inspiration for planning a trip, where is the first place you go? If you’re like us, you probably thought to yourself, Instagram duh. Well we’re with you and finding the best local profiles is one of our favorite ways to scout out good spots to see, eat, drink and stay when we’re visiting a new city!

21 LA-Based Instagrams You Have to Follow

Los Angeles is home to a TON of incredible Instagrammers and their content is exactly the kind of creative inspiration we’re obsessed with when planning a trip somewhere new. We’ve put together a list of our 21 favorite LA-based Instagrams to help you get all the inspo you need for your next trip. Check them out and give them a follow, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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1. Jonathan of @jonathan360

Jonathan is an LA-based street photographer and his images capture so much of what life in Los Angeles has to offer. While he shoots a wide range of material the bulk of his work is focussed in street and reportage photography and he provides an incredible look at what life is like in LA on the everyday.

If you’re looking for a taste of LA as a local Jonathan is someone you’ve got to follow. His photography has even been featured in the LA Times, LA Weekly, the Daily Mail and the Guardian, but don’t let that sell you, go see for yourself!

2. Caroline of @loveandloathingla

Caroline is a self-proclaimed competitive ice cream eater, professional face expressionist, lipstick junkie and the unofficial queen of Los Angeles. After growing up in San Francisco for the majority of her life, Caroline moved to LA seven years ago to pursue a life of creativity and art.

She quickly became an expert on the city, eating and drinking her way through the best bars and restaurants, attending events and doing it all with incredible style. Caroline truly is the unofficial queen of LA and a definite follow if you’re looking for some inspo for your next visit to the city of stars.

3. Corey of @missfoodieproblems

Corey is the expert on all things wining and dining in LA. Her blog Miss Foodie Problems is full of tons of recipes and restaurant recommendations for Los Angeles and beyond.

Her profile is one of the best foodie Instagrams around and features a wide range of cuisine meaning you’ll totally find something for every test on her feed! Don’t believe us? Check her out for yourself and we guarantee it won’t be long before your stomach is grumbling too.

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4. Scott of @losangeles

Scott Reyes is the man behind the @losangeles Instagram account. He’s a self-taught urban lifestyle photographer born and raised in Los Angeles.

In 2014 Scott was discovered by Los Angeles Magazine and since then he has turned his photography hobby into a full-blown professional career. His images are some of our absolute favorite captures of LA, and between his aerial shots of the city and his beachy landscapes we guarantee you’ll be packing your bags and planning your next visit to Los Angeles in no time.

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5. Naz of @thelanative

Inspired by the clashing cultures brought about by the city and beach landscapes of Los Angeles, Naz created her Instagram and corresponding blog to inspire those around her and explore everything that LA has to offer.

A lover of vintage clothing and discovering trinkets and interesting knick-knacks, you’ll find all of her finds over on her feed as well as tons of shots of her life in Los Angeles as well as her travels around the world (her recent shots of her trip to Bali are incredible!).

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6. Nick of @killthecity

Nick Rufo is a 21 year-old LA based photographer who shoots a wide range of content, but its his urban street photography of Los Angeles featured on his Instagram page that truly makes him stand out.

From portraits to images that seem to perfectly capture the gritty and real aspects of Los Angeles, Nick’s profile is a must-follow for anyone looking to see a side of LA that feels genuinely real and authentic. From a city that often feels glossy and picture perfect, Nick’s photography really provides something with a different but equally fascinating vibe.

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7. Dan of @danorst

Dan Marker-Moore is a photographer, social influencer, cinematographer and creative who moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in 2010.

His urban photography and aerial captures of the city are seriously unlike anyone else and capture an angle of LA that you don’t often see anywhere else. He also captures some really incredible California sunsets that will have you rushing to the beach. Check him out we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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8. Jordan of @jordanrisa

Jordan is an LA-based Instagrammer who’s feed will have you ready to travel to LA not to mention all the other places she travels too and shares on her page!

From being a tourist in Palma de Mallorca to food, hotels and everything she packs to bring with her along the way you’ll find it all on her feed and after a few minutes of creeping you’ll be wondering when you can get packing yourself! Definitely a must-follow for any travel enthusiast looking to follow a fellow globetrotter with a love for LA!

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9. Holly of @hollyliss

Holly is a social influencer from LA and the founder of Enlisst a social media marketing agency! She’s been in the industry for over nine years and has extensive experience across all sorts of social-media platforms working primarily with fashion-lifestyle brands and digital media publications.

From food to her life in Los Angeles she shares lots of great spots over on her Instagram page and the vibrant colors are a worthy addition to any Instagram feed, especially if you’re looking to plan a visit to LA sometime soon!

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10. Bam of @la_reflections

Bam of @la_reflections is another must follow for anyone looking for some inspiration as they plan their next visit to Los Angeles.

From cars to cityscapes, sunsets and even a few portraits of locals, this feed certainly captures a lot of what LA has to offer and what local life is really like in Los Angeles. Give @la_reflections a follow, we’re sure you’re going to be just as obsessed as we are!

11. Bethany of @bethanystruble

Bethany Struble is an LA-based photographer and YouTuber. From her life in LA as a young mum to fashion tips and all of her adventures in between, Bethany’s page is a must-follow for any travelling fashionista!

Her feed has a muted and vintage-vibe that will be the envy of any one looking to capture the most aesthetically on point lifestyle pics during their next visit to Los Angeles. She is #goals in every way.

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12. Sara of @saratoufali

Sara Toufali is an Instagrammer, blogger and New Yorker turned Angeleno! Follow along as she explores Los Angeles with her camera in hand.

For a city that often feels a bit like an urban jungle, Sara captures the greener side of LA and her images embody a side of the city that often goes unseen. For a different side of Los Angeles her profile is certainly a must-follow!

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13. Terry of @asteryx

Terry’s super-saturated images of Los Angeles capture the city (and many other locales) with the glamour and high-definition that will have you wanting to visit all of the places he features.

His feed even showcases some incredible manipulations and edits that offer a more creative interpretation of the city and are certain to inspire and encourage your own image captures on your visit!

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14. Tiffany of @tiffanysbell

Tiffany Bell is another LA-based photographer that you’ve got to follow on Instagram! From sunsets to eats and incredible street photography, Tiffany has certainly shared a lot of amazing content both in Los Angeles and around the world!

Inspired by the ability to capture the moments that people tend to forget and remind us all of how lucky we are to be alive her images are definitely some of our favorites.

And! If you’re interested in more of her food focussed photography you can follow her over on @bite_me_photog as well!

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15. Patrick of @patrickc_la

Patrick is an LA-based drone photographer, videographer, and photographer and his aerial shots of Los Angeles are an absolute must on your Instagram feed.

From the oceans, to mountain views and towering over skyscrapers, Patrick is certainly an Instagrammer you don’t want to sleep on. His account already has nearly 10K followers and climbing and his nighttime captures are seriously like no other. Check him out for yourself and see what we’re talking about!

16. Caroline of @teamwoodnote

Caroline is part of an Australian/American photography duo made up of her and her partner Jayden. While they call LA and Melbourne there two homes, they say they’re happiest when exploring the world with a camera in one hand and a flask full of whiskey in the other.

Her warm, pink-toned images are certainly a worthy addition to any Instagram feed and if you see an image you love, chances are its available for sale in their print shop, where you can purchase a great many of their images to show off your love for LA in your own home too!

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17. Ali of @alilabelle

Ali Labelle is a creative director at Ban.Do one of the trendiest brands on the market today! The desaturated, 70s vibe that her feed gives off is honestly #goals and its no wonder to see why she has been so successful in the art and design field!

From florals to home decor and her life in LA, Ali is a must follow for anyone looking to stop by Los Angeles!

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18. Lindsey of @lindseyeatsla

Another food focused Instagram we couldn’t miss mentioning, Lindsey has one of the most delicious looking Instagram feeds out there.

The blog that she runs with her mum is focused on all things positive and offers a ton of great content from food and lifestyle to travel and more! Whatever your taste you’ll certainly find something yummy over on Lindsey’s page and she’s the ultimate inspiration for any foodie traveler planning a visit to Los Angeles!

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19. Darin of @debodoes

Darin is the unofficial sunset king of Instagram and his pastel pink skylines will have you feeling like you’re already lounging on the beach in Santa Monica before you’ve even packed your bags!

His beachy, palm tree aesthetic is the ultimate nod to the California landscape and exactly what you picture when you hear the phrase “California dreaming.” His bio says he’s sharing a daily dose of California with his audience and we’d certainly be hard pressed to disagree with him!

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20. John of @john.logic

John Logic is the urban, neon aesthetic that you didn’t realize your Instagram feed was missing. The late night vibe captured in his neon imagery gives a taste of LA nightlife that will have you seeing Los Angeles in a totally new light (pun intended).

From his portraits to his long-exposure landscape shots you certainly won’t regret giving him a follow. We know we didn’t!

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21. @_elyunior_

If you’re looking for an account that captures the local lives and moments of Angeleno’s from candid street photography to major cultural events like marches and protests, than @_elyunior_ is someone you need to be following.

His gritty urban street photography is the perfect blend of portrait and documentary and paints one of the most authentic and genuine depictions of Los Angeles we’ve come across!

Looking for more Cali-based Instagram inspo, check out our favorite San Francisco IG’s on the blog as well!

And don’t forget to download the Map2Next app, available free in the App Store, for lots more recommendations to help you plan your next trip to California and beyond.